Who New It Would Be So Hard?

I never realized when I was developing the trade simulator that it was so unique that I would have trouble figuring out how to sell it and still keep control of it’s distribution. This is an update to that ongoing efforts and also what I have added to the simulator.

Are You Serious About Learning To Trade?

This is a trade simulating EA that I am making for use in the strategy tester only. It will let you sit and trade what you see just like a real chart. If you want to hone your trading skills or find out how much you suck at guessing the right direction, this is going to be a tool you will want to buy and use. Now I have to figure out how to market it in a controlled fashion.. I have added more features to the tool since this video. One of them being the ability to do a partial close.. What should I name it? Leave a comment on youtube below the video for things that I might want to add to it  or a name suggestion.