Mql4 Lesson Video Links

Below are the links to my videos.. just click on one and it will start playing.. click the fullscreen and set quality to 720… enjoy!   PipPip. . . .Jimdandy

LESSON 1 init() deinit() start() mq4 vs. ex4

LESSON 2 extern, double, string, int, datetime, color

LESSON 3 using F4 setting up user interface.

LESSON 4 Hello Universe, Calling functions. Period(), Symbol(), TimeToStr(),Keyboard Shortcuts

LESSON 5 Difference between script, indicator and Expert Advisor. Print() #property

LESSON 6 MessageBox(), MarketInfo(), DoubleToSrt()

LESSON 7 OrderSend(),OrderModify(), “if else” operator How the information flows inside the code.

LESSON 8 We write and call functions and learn about ‘switch’ operator

LESSON 9.1 We Learn How a Moving Average is Really Drawn.

LESSON 9.2 SetIndexBuffer(),SetIndexStyle(), SetIndexLabel(),SetIndexDrawBegin(), iMA(),Arrows,Wingdings

LESSON 9.3 We finish the Ma and learn about the for loop.

LESSON_10 Finally! We make a JimDandy Expert Advisor!

LESSON_11 Writing Functions, Static Variable Explained

LESSON 12 Move to Breakeven(), ‘Continue’ Explained

LESSON 13 TrailingStop() OpenOrdersThisPair()

LESSON 14 StopLoss/TakeProfits Problem Ecn Brokers

LESSON 15 How to Setup MyFxBook

LESSON 16 Audio Alarm Indicator coded for Mql4

LESSON 17 Trailing Stops Beyond High/Low of candles, MathFloor(),MathCeiling(),MathPow() and how to use larger timeframes as a filter….

LESSON 18 Self-Adjusting StopLoss and TakeProfit.

LESSON 19 Self_Adjusting Lotsize based on R:R

LESSON 20 Stochastic Indicator Explained and coded.

LESSON 21 MACD indicator Explained and code. Also I explain how you get an indicator to bring you the value from a higher timeframe so that you can use it in your EA rules..

LESSON 22 In this video I make the BollingerBandTrader EA.

LESSON 23 This is the first in a series of 3 videos where I repair an Expert Advisor. I thought that maybe the best way to learn how to go through an EA and find the problems was to watch me do it and learn the thought process. It’s all about learning how to follow the logic thru the EA to learn where and how it is getting derailed.

LESSON 24 In this video I Continue the Ea repair.

LESSON 25 In this video I Complete the Ea repair.

LESSON 26 ExitBuys() function explained.

LESSON 27 Intalling the Scite-mql editor.

LESSON 28 SetIndexBuffer explained in detail.

LESSON 29 We learn how to include an import files.

LESSON 30 We move functions from the MacdEA into an imported ex4 file.

LESSON 31 Getting your order closing scripts and for loops to close your orders properly.