Managed Accounts

If you want an account with tradefader trading on it then go HERE and leave Tom a note asking about how to get an account with the tradefader on it. You need to open an account with a broker that he has his account manager software on.
There is a reason we are having to do it this way. Let’s just say he learned from some mistakes in the past.
Either the Ea will pay for itself or it won’t and you ask him to discontinue it. Only if it makes profits will the broker use a portion of the profit to pay for it’s performance.
It’s forex and anything can happen so be careful what money you use in forex. However, we ran this on years of data before we locked in the settings so it’s going to take something pretty amazing to do it in. NFP is a ripple in the pond now.

The most critical things are
1.Account Size smaller than 10k he doesn’t like but sometimes he will accept an account that small because he can put it in a PAMM account which is like a big pool and this helps spread the risk among other small accounts that by themselves would be forced to over trade.
2.Leverage 400:1 is what he likes. Of course 500:1 is better. The more room there is between the bottom of your boat and the ocean floor, the harder it is to run aground. (margin out) especially as the boat gets loaded up and is sitting low in the water. This has no bearing on the amount of draw down the account will have, only the amount it can draw down reasonably safe. Your boat will sink into the water just as far but the water will be 80  feet deep with 400:1 instead of 10 feet deep with 50:1.
3. MinLot amount. Unless you have a 100k or greater account, it is a must to have an account that will let you start with .01 lots. Thats a dime a pip to start a trade series. A lot of brokers make you start with .1 lots or a dollar a pip then have a lotstep of .01 i.e you can throw a .11, .12, .13 and so on but it has to start 10 times bigger than you want.. this is an accident waiting to happen .. trading small lots with big accounts is the best safety net to have.
HERE is the link again to leave him a note. He WILL get back to you himself.