Mql4 Coding Tech Tip

In this video I answer some questions about purchasing items from the mql5 market compared to purchasing items from my mql4 code training website. Do you get source code in either of these purchases?…

The main coding lesson is about making buttons. Buttons that are hard and do NOT push in. They merely do their job and do not need un-pushed.

Mql4 Coding Video to Modify Template Files

This is a video that was born out of necessity I guess you could say. Someone asked me how to fix this problem and after I finally found out the cause and solution I had to share it. If you are not a patreon patron please become one.

As of this video I have reached 10000 subscribers on youtube. However, at the same time my revenue from youtube is 1/2 of what it was last year. I am getting more views, more watch time and making half the money. Not really enough to be worth the trouble. Think about contributing if you want more lessons.