Where Have I Gone?

Everyone is wondering…. What happened to Jim?..

Is he dead? … Nope…
Did he quit helping folks learn to code? … Nope…
Did he quit helping traders learn to trade? … Nope….
So then… WHERE IS HE?…

I’m still helping my students at learnmql4.com with there coding questions. However, I have  reduced the time, effort and money I was spending  developing youtube videos. I’m getting older these days and attending a lot of funerals of friends. That will make you think about how you are spending your life.

There seems to be less and less incentive to develop content for youtube. After developing 12k + subscribers it made little to no difference in the ad revenue generated.  Even with more watch time and views, youtube simply started paying less to their content providers… it simply is not feasible to do it just for the joy of helping others learn to code. I can now get that satisfaction by helping my students in emails.

Nevertheless, I am still appalled by the deceitful promoters on youtube trying to sell their “secret to success” and trading “education”. Almost all of it is absolute junk. I myself am still helping others learn how to analyze charts and what to look for but not so much in the form of youtube videos. I am really enjoying myself helping others learn to trade over at TierOneTrading .

TierOneTrading was launched several months ago by some guys that have made all the mistakes you can make in trading. Does that mean that they never take a losing trade today? No indeed. They take losing trades as well as winning trades. But they always take GOOD trades. These guys are “consistently profitable traders”. They know the discipline that is necessary and they have the tools to use in their trading.

Here’s the deal…. you can have access to the TierOneTrading “platform”, “web portal” or whatever you want to call it… for 14 days for 1 dollar. No you don’t get access to ALL the site but, you do get a lot for a dollar. Enough to know if you might want to get serious and invest some money in really making this your way of life.

They started charging a dollar just to keep the trolls and haters from polluting the community. What do you get? …

Access to both trading rooms… London AND New York… Tuesday Wednesday Thursday..

Accountability sessions on Fridays.. (Its when people come in the live room and tell how they got into forex and all their mistakes and so on… very good to see that you are not the only one that has done stupid stuff in the past… lol)

Supercool software that you can download and  use to recognize patterns…. written for ninjatrader and metatrader 4..

Access to the “Emergence” training course… the other 6 premier courses are for full subscribers…

The community chat which is where you can have fun as well as get your questions answered by the others that are learning to trade better while helping others to do the same.  It can get pretty intense in the chat…. like drinking from a fire hose sometimes with all of the info coming at you. But just sit back and absorb what you can. Some of the members also might give you a slap to wake you up from your past errant ways as well. LOL don’t take it too seriously.

This page has a video that will show you what all is there with a subscription. There is actually a day trading course that has been added since that video was made. There are “Trading Edge” videos that are made for the members by the coaches where they show what they have on their radar each day as well as a ‘trading ideas’ log where they add trades they are looking at…. I could go on and on…..

Look guys this is not some superficial ‘pretend’ forex trading education. This is the real deal.. it is NOT cheap. If you want full access for one month it is 297.00.. if you subscribe for longer periods it’s cheaper by the month. This is not for those who want to get into forex trading as a ‘hobby’ this is serious education. I can tell you that you will NOT be able to cover all of the information there  in just one month.. it’s pretty massive. But… necessary.

The latest info being touted is the 90 90 90 rule.. 90% of new traders lose 90% of their account in the first 90 days.. I think it’s even quicker than that. Don’t put your money in a smarter traders pocket. Put it into your own education first. If you apply what you learn. you will get that money back and much much more… it will be the best money you’ve ever spent.

Don’t worry about putting up a dollar to start a 14 day trial.. it’s not going to auto-renew or automatically subscribe you for a month or anything like that at the end of your 14 days… It just runs out and you no longer have access…. poof! You may find out that it’s more than you want to tackle after you are there a couple of weeks. But…. for a buck it’s well worth finding out.


In the meantime I think I will start putting up a few youtube videos at my leisure just for the heck of it. I really enjoy teaching others to better their lives. Some will have some coding answers and some trading education.. either way.. I ain’t dead yet! … Pip Pip…