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YouTube Changes Coming

After 7 years on youtube, changes to metatrader 4 and changing life circumstances… I am making some changes to my youtube presence.

These changes are a result of many things. First of all, many of my youtube videos were made before Metatrader changed the compiler in 2014. Thus, these videos are out of date. I continue to get new viewers of these videos that message me wanting explanations and free help.

I no longer willing to field questions about old videos and code. Therefore I have removed the ability to comment on these youtube videos. I am in the process of taking all of these “pre-code-change” videos and putting them in a DOWNLOADABLE archive at teachable. They will be made available for download for a small monthly fee of 10 bucks.

Those of you who want these videos can subscribe for one month to the archive and then download what you want. That’s what I would do. I think there are about 33 videos in there and hours upon hours of teaching. I am also going to grab the old files off of jimdandyforex that go with those videos and make them available for download in the same package.

Secondly… As you can see in the picture above, I have been blessed with a precious gift. My one and only grandchild Everly Faye. If you think for one minute that I am going to put facebook, instagram and youtube and mql4 ahead of spending time with her, you better think again!

I will be 62 this year and there is no way I am going to miss my time with her to spend more time with Mql4. Who could blame me? She’s my kryptonite that renders me powerless.

Thirdly, I don’t seem to be getting much traction on YouTube anyway these days. I now have 18,000+ subscribers to my channel. However, as an example, I put up a video on December 24 hoping that all the folks sitting at home over the holidays would have plenty of holiday time to sit and watch… It is now January 21st and it has had 599 views. Looks like the revenue for that video at this point is $9.39. Most of it occurring on New Year’s day.

18,000 subscribers yet only 599 views.

Either I have many subscribers that did not click the notification bell and do not know when I post videos or I simply am not making videos that they find valuable to them. Note how the audience retention fell off to 40% in just a few minutes. I obviously have some research and work to do.

Interestingly, my most successful video on youtube month after month is NOT about coding at all. It’s the video explaining Divergence. I am thinking that I should perhaps make more videos explaining chart analyses than coding. Only briefly mentioning learnmql4’s Mql4 School as a side point. I am also thinking about taking all of my text tip tuesdays and saturday sessions and putting them in a downloadable archive also along with any files I may write during a video.

And lastly… as many of you know, This past year my mother had a stroke. She now requires 24/7 care. She will be 88 this year. She went from driving her own car to not being able to walk on her own in a matter of days. I certainly want to take advantage of the days I have left with her.

So… as you can see, I have many reasons to implement some changes in how I spend my time. I wish you all the best.. Pip Pip . .Jimdandy

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