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Mql4 Structures

Let’s add some structure to your coding life….

Creating Template Files

Sometimes I forget that I need to explain even the simpler yet useful aspects of Mt4. Learning to create and use templates for different currency pairs or combinations of indicators and Expert Advisors as well as strategy testing and offline charts can free you of some of the more mundane boring and time consuming activities associated with trading. This video will show you some of the useful ways that you make templates another tool of your trading. 

PopCharts is Handy!

This is a video on youtube that goes with the PopCharts page you see in the Menu Link Above.

Mql5 Market Sucks! A Solution is Coming!

This past several weeks have been quite trying for all of the developers that sell their products through the Mql5 Market as well as those ‘freelance’ coders that do jobs for traders that need products ‘tweaked’ or completely created for them. The problem you ask? We couldn’t get paid!!!

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