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  1. HILFX

    Hey Jim, really enjoy your videos! I’m new to MT4 and I am wondering if one could modify this code so it can trade DJI CFD, which doesn’t have a decimal position (18191) at one of my brokers, but does at my second broker (18191.4)?

    1. JimDandy 1958 Post author

      Hello, Yes is looks like the way that it is written the that if the decimal places are not 3 or 5 then a point is to be a pip. however you may want to put an additional rule in the if ticksize is 0.1 for you single decimal place DJI

      double ticksize = MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_TICKSIZE);
      if (ticksize == 0.00001 || ticksize == 0.001 || 0.1)
      pips = ticksize*10;
      else pips =ticksize;

      I don’t trade DJI so I can’t tell you for sure but you can give it a try in some testing..

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