“Must Hear” Articles I’ve Written

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This is links to articles that I have written in the past for this site. I think you will find them useful to shed new light onto your forex trading. You will be taught a new way to think about how things work. We can get so caught up in making being a successful trader into some sort of almost ‘magical’ ability when in reality it is way simpler than what we are being led to believe. Now note there that I used the word “simple”….. that is not the same as “easy”. Trading successfully really is totally dependent on following some “simple” rules. However, it is not “easy” to get ourselves to be self-disciplined enough to do it. I will continue to add links to pages with articles as I write them.
NOTE: I have included audio at the top of the pages so that you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to.
Enjoy… PipPip…Jimdandy

1. Is There Really a “Holy Grail”?

2. The Number #1 Rule of Forex Trading.

3. What is Truth? The if Statement

4. Catching the Train to Profitsville.

5. The Trading Secret That Doesn’t Exist.

6. The Four Types of Trades.