JimDandyAlarm and Sounds


If you click on the image it will download a zip file with the Alarm and 6 sound files. Put the sound (.wav) files in your Sounds directory of your Metatrader Platform and the indicator in your indicators folder ….


2 thoughts on “JimDandyAlarm and Sounds

  1. JimDandy 1958 Post author

    when i get those messages sometimes i just say ok or yes and it goes ahead… but i’m not sure what causes that .. it some kind of security setting in windows i think..Hope you get it figured out.. make sure that you unzip the files first of course.. Jim

  2. Felix

    Hi Jim!

    I cannot copy the files AlarmAndSounds in my Metatrader as indicated. By trying this a window opens requesting the authorization to copy into the file. What is to do?

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