Moving Average EAv3

Here is the Ea version as it was finished from lesson 14 with the zero stoploss and takeprofits problem taken care of …and the ECN broker two step order placement…


One thought on “Moving Average EAv3

  1. sparklyblog

    Hey Jim
    Sparklyvideo here from Youtube

    Thanks so much for your clear approach and your dedication to this … it really has helped me clarify a build process for my EA’s

    i have downloaded the code for the MovingAverageV3 and will use the structure as a guide
    Its undrstanding the code structure that is my weakness presently
    Thanks ….!!!!
    Its hard work converting ones ideas into a new language but your videos have helped a great deal

    Re my question:
    I asked you on youtube if you knew a best practice way to build an EA… well your reply ran true
    PRICE is key …

    Being a Newbie I have taken 10 seminars last year with CITY INDEX re approaching the markets and how to trade. I met a trader/mentor called Sandy Jedaja he works for CNBC too

    In his London seminars he took a radical approach high level down emphasising Price is key
    ..i didnt understand it at the time but i do now ..
    He also said read one book 20 times hahaha (typical trader)
    The traders bible “The Reminisces of a Stock Operator”… and really the book details Price reaction throughout

    So its a longer than expected Forex road but after a year I feel I am ready to trade soon ….

    I have built quite a few EA processes and Indicators but all are a mishmash of code thats out there
    your functional approach i will adopt and look to build with a better understanding of the essential data flow within an EA

    So thanks again and I look forward to your alert indicator you have mentioned

    By the way
    I have an indicator that maybe of use to you

    My build process:

    I data grab thousands of lines of data upon chosen chart and timeframe via said “Indicator”
    place that into Excel via CSV file
    then run Tests add conditional formatting etc

    Then I place arrows on the chosen chart that reflects the same logic via an EA to confirm it visually

    So thats my method of build …
    Ill send you the indicator I use to grab data if you wish … let me know if you want it

    All The Best


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