PopCharts Download Page

This is my own homemade version of “Floating Charts” since it costs several dollars more. It is a quite spectacular product but PopCharts is all I really need. If money is no object. Then scroll to the bottom and get Floating Charts instead.. or heck.. get both! Also… Check out “TradeNote” as well.


‘Pop’ your charts out of your Metatrader window and drag them to other screens. Built in timeframe buttons and pyschlevel lines.

Number of Accounts
Account Numbers

Below you will find the MQL4.zip folder that contains the ‘PopCharts’ files you need to install in your platform. Read the readme.txt if you do not know how to put the files where they go.

In order for you to use your software I need to make you a custom license key according to the account numbers that you supplied in the ‘Account Numbers” field above when you purchase ‘PopCharts’.

Please make sure you are able to receive email from jim@jimdandyforex.com so that you will receive my emails with the license key.

This sample key will only work on the USDCHF. Since making the video we have modified the software to recognize any suffix or prefix you may have. Download and give it a free try on the USDCHF to see if it works for you!


If you really have the cash, I highly recommend buying the floating charts product below. It’s about 80 bucks but it is pretty spectacular if I do say so myself!

Try out MT4 Floating Charts

Check out TradeNote below…. I use it and more features are going to be added soon! Take notes on your chart and set reminders. I like it!

Save notes without leaving Metatrader.http://mytradenote.com/